Wildcard's Plans for 2024 with Founders Paul and Katy Bettner

Wildcard’s Plans for 2024 with Founders Paul and Katy Bettner

In a recent live event, Wildcards founders Paul and Katy Bettner discussed their ambitious plans for 2024. The visionary duo delved deep into the future roadmap of their company, highlighting the strategic steps they are planning to take to ensure the company’s growth and sustainability. The founders provided insights into the innovative ideas they intend to implement, including introducing new game designs and features, and enhancing user experience by leveraging advanced technologies.

The focus of Wildcards’ 2024 strategy is to create an immersive gaming environment that promotes user engagement and interaction. The founders emphasized their commitment to developing unique, high-quality game content that caters to the evolving tastes and preferences of their diverse user base. They also touched on their plans to broaden their market reach through strategic partnerships and collaborations. This live event was a testament to Wildcards’ forward-thinking approach and their dedication to revolutionizing the gaming industry.


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