Splinterlands Downsizing Again

Splinterlands reduzindo tamanho novamente

Splinterlands, a browser-based trading card game on the Hive blockchain, has announced another downsizing and reorganization. Due to declining player numbers and a lackluster crypto market, the company has made changes to its organizational structure and will focus more on long-term goals. The downsizing will affect various projects, while the core team for Splinterlands will remain intact. The side projects will be split into a subsidiary company called Ivennium Corp, while Splinterlands and Ivennium Corp will fall under the parent company Steem Monster Corp. The company also plans to prioritize the Secret of Praetoria Expansion, the Rebellion card set, attracting and retaining new players, Soulkeep, and getting SPS Validators up and running. Additionally, the Splinterlands team is proposing that the Splinterlands DAO be responsible for selling packs for the Rebellion expansion, with proceeds split between the DAO and the Steem Monsters team. This proposal could have a significant impact on the power of the player-run DAO side of Splinterlands.


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