Polygon launches $720M Community Treasury for blockchain grants

Polygon launches $720M Community Treasury for blockchain grants

Polygon, a well-known layer two solution for Ethereum, has recently unveiled a community treasury, set to be the largest of its kind in the cryptocurrency industry. The treasury, which has a value of $720 million, is being launched with the intention of bolstering the growth and development of the Polygon ecosystem. This move is part of Polygon’s larger strategy to strengthen its position in the market and encourage more developers and entrepreneurs to use its platform.

The funds in the community treasury will be distributed as grants, which will be directed towards developers, community members, and projects that contribute to the expansion of the Polygon network. The treasury will be governed by the community through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This highlights Polygon’s commitment to decentralization and its belief in empowering the community to direct the future of the network. With this initiative, Polygon not only aims to foster innovation and development within its ecosystem, but also hopes to set a precedent for other blockchain platforms.


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