Intel and AfDB to train millions of Africans in AI

Intel and AfDB to train millions of Africans in AI

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and tech giant Intel have come together to initiate an artificial intelligence (AI) training program in Africa. The unprecedented partnership aims to integrate advanced technologies and digital skills into the continent’s education system. The training program will focus on Machine Learning, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, among other things, aiming to arm Africa’s youth with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

The AfDB-Intel program will not only revamp Africa’s education system but also create a multitude of job opportunities in the tech industry. The initiative aligns with the African Development Bank’s ‘Jobs for Youth in Africa’ strategy, which seeks to create 25 million jobs within the next decade. The collaboration is a significant step towards bridging the tech skills gap in Africa and fostering a digitally empowered society.


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